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Violence in the Workplace Prevention

Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy

Issued by Govenor John G. Rowland - August 1999

The State of Connecticut adopts a statewide zero tolerance policy for workplace violence. Therefore, except as may be required as a condition of employment-

• No employee shall bring into any state work site any weapon or dangerous instrument as defined herein.
• No employee shall use, attempt to use, or threaten to use any such weapon or dangerous instrument in a state work site.
• No employee shall cause or threaten to cause death or physical injury to any individual in a state work site.

jail cell Weapon means any firearm, including a BB gun, whether loaded or unloaded, any knife (excluding a small pen or pocket knife), including a switchblade or other knife having an automatic spring release device, a stiletto, any police baton or nightstick or any martial arts weapon or electronic defense weapon.

Dangerous instrument means any instrument, article, or substance that, under the circumstances, is capable of causing death or serious physical injury.

Any weapon or dangerous instrument at the work site will be confiscated and there is no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to such items in the workplace.

Violation of the above reasonable work rules shall subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Any employee who fears for their personal safety or for the safety of others should contact the Eastern Connecticut State University Police Department at 465-5310 or call police at 911. Contact your supervisor for non-emergency situations.

Eastern Connecticut State University values the safety and security of all employees. For further information, or a copy of the “Workplace Violence Incident Report” form, contact:

Chief Lewis J. Perry, Jr.
Director of Public Safety
Police Department
Eastern CT State University
264 High Street

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