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FAQ for Service Agencies
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I forget my password?
Go to the Log-In screen. Click on, “Help! I forgot my password! (If so, click here)” below the log-in box. The system will ask for your email address and send your password via email.

How do I change my password?
Log-In using your current password. Click on “My Profile” in the left-side blue task bar. Click on the red link that reads, “Click Here to Update Password.” Type in your new password twice and click “Submit.”

How do I post a new job?
Go to your “Control Panel” and a red link should appear under your Employer name that reads, “Add a New Job for…” The website will then guide you through the process to create a job description, determine the pay rate and class level, edit a default application, and setting dates for the job to be live on the site.

Do I have to post all student jobs?
All student jobs must be posted on the website, and all students therefore must be hired through the website. This includes work-study positions, operating fund positions, Student Assistant positions, grant positions, and all temporary short-term positions.

How do I put my job in a different “mode”? From your control panel select the job in which you want to change the mode. Click on “Manage Job.” Select the option that is appropriate for you under the “Update Status” tab. If you are posting the job live on the site than the system will allow you to set beginning and end dates for the posting.

Why can’t I get my job out of “review mode,” so I can actively receive applications? While this may not always be applicable to your situation, the most common reason that the website will forbid a job to be taken out of “review” mode is if the number of positions available is set on “0.” You will want to click on “Edit This Job” for that position and enter in the correct number of openings in the appropriate area. Then click on “Save” at the bottom of the job. After entering in the correct number of openings for the position you should be able to put your job in a different mode by selecting “Manage Job” for that position and selecting the appropriate option for your posting under the “Update Status” tab. If you are posting the job live on the site than the system will allow you to set beginning and end dates for the posting.

Why was my hiring request not accepted? As written in Eastern's policy on discrimination, all hiring requests may not discriminate in respect to an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation or any other conditions established by law. If any suggestion of discrimination is viewed in a hiring request we are not allowed to post it on our website, nor are you allowed to use ECSU JobQuest if you do not agree to follow federal or state laws, and ECSU policies on non-discrimination and sexual harassment.

How should I keep track of student’s hours?
It is extremely important for supervisors to keep track of their student worker’s hours and to keep records of all hours worked by students. The Student Employment office suggests that employers have a sign-in/out sheet separate from the actual timesheet; this will ensure that students are only recording their actual hours worked. You can find the correct page to do this by clicking on “Forms and Information” on the side-blue and then clicking on “Sign-In/Out Sheets,” or by clicking Here.

When do students receive their first paycheck?
So long as the student’s paperwork is completed in a timely fashion and you, as a supervisor, submit their timesheet on time they should receive their paycheck on the appropriate check date for the corresponding pay period. Checks can be picked up at the Bursars in Wood Hall Support Services Center, Main Floor. You can find the correct page to do this by clicking on “Forms and Information” on the side-blue and then clicking on “NEW Payroll Calendar,” or by clicking Here.

How can a student get their paycheck if I submit the timesheet late?
If a timesheet is submitted late, due to no fault of the student, please direct them to the office of Student Employment to submit an Emergency Loan Application. Student Employment will notify you to confirm the information provided by the student. This loan will provide them with approximately 80% of their paycheck in 3-7 business days. The student’s actual paycheck will come in on the next check date according to the Student Employee Pay Calendar, at this time the student is required to pay back the loan.

How do I notify the Student Employment office of a termination/separation?
Student Worker separations are no longer being accepted by phone, email, or campus mail. All separations must be done on the Job Quest website. You can find the correct page to do this by clicking on “Forms and Information” on the side-blue , or by clicking Here.

What are the steps that I have to take in order to terminate a student worker?
Supervisors may not, themselves, fire student workers. Supervisors must first discuss a student’s problem with him/her, and except in extreme cases, give the student time to correct the problem. Supervisors should follow a program of progressive discipline:

  • Informal discussion of the matter
  • Formal verbal reprimand
  • Formal written reprimand (with a copy sent to Student Employment)
    The above actions should be documented in the supervisor’s personnel file for the student, and a copy must be sent to Student Employment. If the above steps do not resolve the problem, the Supervisor should submit a written request for corrective action to the coordinator of Student Employment, detailing the specific nature of the complaint. The student will be informed of the supervisor’s submission and be given five days to submit a written response. Student Employment then decides the best remedy for the situation, which may include mediation, transfer of departments, termination of the student worker’s employment or some other reasonable course of action.